Art Atelier is an art studio for kids and adults in
the Innisfil - Barrie area. Classes focus on teaching artistic creativity through the combination

of sensory stimulation (sound through music,

sense of touch, smell, taste and sight).

We emphasize on experiencing all senses, while
stimulating creativity through various mediums,
ranging from watercolour, paint, pastels, pencil, 
yarns and recycled objects.

Lessons are taught in private small classes,
providing the ability for individual attention to each student's interest and skill level, while allowing experimentation with colour, shape,

texture and composition.

About Us

A friendly greeting.

We want you to feel at

home in our spacious

art studio.


Genuine concern.

We act as creators

and see creators in

anyone who comes in.


Our mission

We choose to build

a harmonized and

creative society of

loving people.

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538 13th line, Innisfil, Ontario L9S 3C8 Canada, 416-471-3525,