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Our Programs


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at ourArt Camp

Ages 5 - 12. 3 meals a day included.

Drawing & Painting
Kids ages 4+ and adults
We will focus on techniques such as basic drawing of animals and humans; composition, perspective, shading, and cartoon.

Materials will include charcoal, crayons, pencils, paints, and

a variety of papers.

3-D Art

Kids ages 2+and adults
Projects include mosaics, marionettes and Paper Mache, with the use of coloured paper, clay, tissue, paper, glue, and natural materials.

Knitting & Crocheting

Kids ages 8+/adults
Learn to design your own clothes and jewelry.

Let's create together!

Creative Workshop & Meditative Painting can be arranged at our or

your facilities for couples, a whole family or a circle of friends.

Art & Play Days

Kids ages 1 - 3 yrs
Come prepared to make a mess in this is a very social class for moms and tots! Projects are perfect for little hands and help to enhance fine motor skills. Materials include paint, glue, sand, clay, scissors, stickers, stamps and more.

Exploration in Art

Kids ages 3 - 4 yrs
We will explore concepts of dot, line, shape, colour, and texture using different materials such as clay, wood, coloured paper, glue, watercolor, paints, markers, and scissors.

Playdates/Birthday Parties

Kids ages 2+

We will host special events for small group of 5 playmates enjoying combination of art, music, games and light refreshment. It can be arranged at our or your facilities.